Data on arrival of tourists released

Data on arrival of tourists released
They stay 4-5 days and spent around 52 euros for each day of stay. This is the average length of stay and the average amount that a foreign tourist spent last year while visiting Albania. These are the official figures that Bank of Albania has issued on tourism. According to these figures, in the past five years, the country was visited by 23.6 million foreign visitors.

“During 2018, the number of foreign nationals entering the country was 15,8% higher than in 2017”, experts say.

The country is becoming a preferred destination for many foreign visitors. They may spend only a day in the country or they can stay several days. “In the period 2014-2018, the number of foreign visitors, that include those who spend at least one night in the hotel or other accommodation outlets, is around 21 million. This number has increased by 10,7% in 2018”, Bank of Albania explains. Meanwhile, data supplied by the central bank also indicates that the number of foreign tourists who lodged in hotels in Albania last year accounted for 76% of the total number. Meanwhile, those who have visited the country with their private car accounted for 81% of the total.

Kosovars account for the largest part, Europeans spend more

Visitors from Kosovo to Albania account for the largest number of tourists visiting Albania last year. But if we make a comparison between the amounts that tourists spend in Albania, Europeans are the ones who spend the most. “Foreign visitors from Kosovo account for 35% of the total number, visitors from North Macedonia account for 11%, visitors from Greece account for 9%, visitors from Montenegro account for 6%, while visitors from Italy account for 7% of the total number”, the Bank of Albania says. According to the central bank, last year a Kosovar visitor in Albania has spent on average 43 euros a day, while a Macedonian has spent on average 46 euros. An Italian has spent on average 81 euros a day, while a Greek national has spent on average 60 euros, the same as a Montenegrin.

Foreigners are visiting the country for holidays and business

More foreigners are visiting the country for holidays, but they are also coming for business. According to the latest figures supplied by the Bank of Albania, in the past five years, 87% of foreign nationals have visited the country for personal reasons such as holidays, visits to relatives, health treatment, etc, adding that foreigners who have visited the country for business reasons accounted for 1,5% of the total number.