Authorities in the Albania and Italy seize one tonne of narcotics

Authorities in the Albania and Italy seize one tonne of narcotics

While many Albanians thought that drug traffic in large amounts, especially through the use of motorboats, was a thing of the past, a significant quantity of narcotics was seized yesterday. At least half a tonne was discovered in Fier as it was being prepared to leave for Italy. Meanwhile, another quantity was found in Florence, Italy. In the first case, the drugs was carried by motorboats, while in the second case, the drugs were being transported by bus.

500 kg of Marijuana seized in the Vjosa river

A motorboat full of narcotic substances was discovered yesterday in the Vjosa estuary. The motorboat in question was ten meters in length and authorities found in it 500 kg of narcotic substances. The motorboat was abandoned following a police chase, while it was ready to depart for Italy where the quantity of drugs would be trafficked. State Police said that in collaboration with the Italian Guardia di Finanza, it had prevented this attempt to take the drugs to the other side of the Adriatic. The operation started on Tuesday at 03:30 when the boat was spotted several miles away from the coast. Vlora Border Police and Guardia di Finanza continued to chase the boat on sea. Meanwhile, special forces and local police in Fier and Vlora patrolled the coast despite the difficult weather conditions. The police chase obliged traffickers to hide in the river’s estuary. The traffickers abandoned the boat and the narcotic substance on the banks of Vjosa river, near the village of Bishan. Taking advantage of the dark conditions, the suspects disappeared and entered the woods. Police have surrounded the area, saying that the chase continues. Police seized the boat, two vehicles, a quantity of cannabis and other evidence that will help in the investigation.

Albanians, marijuana and cocaine in Italy

An operation conducted by Guardia di Finanza yesterday in Florence led to the seizure of 540 kg of marijuana and 18 kg of cocaine. The operation led to the arrest of 17 people, including several Albanian nationals. The quantity of drugs was being transported from Holland and Belgium through a transport company based in Milan. The drug was concealed in different parts of the bus. The parts had been modified in order not to be spotted by police.  The mastermind of this drug traffic was an Albanian living in Prato. One of the arrested men was connected to the Calabrese mob Ndragheta. The amount of drugs that arrived in Italy from Holland originated from South America.