Students issue an ultimatum to the Ministry of Education

Students issue an ultimatum to the Ministry of Education
Students will not engage in dialogue with the government or the Ministry of Education. The only thing that they accept is a letter with their 8 demands being signed by government officials. Students have addressed a letter to the head of the government, speaker of parliament and the Ministry of Education, saying that the deadline to meet these demands is 4 pm on Tuesday, otherwise, the protest will escalate.


Although Monday was a holiday for the administration, for students it was an ordinary day, as it has been in the past six days. Students have addressed a letter to the country’s main institutions where they make 8 demands. According to them, the majority of these demands should be met immediately, while the rest within this academic year. Although yesterday, the head of the government, Edi Rama has  offered students more than they have demanded, according to Rama the approval of these demands should undergo a process of dialogue. Students have not accepted this by saying that none of them will participate in dialogue, because those who are on the square protesting are all equal.

Under these conditions, students have issued the government and the Ministry of Education an ultimatum. According to this ultimatum, students will wait until 4 pm for their demands to be fulfilled, otherwise, their protest will escalate. Meanwhile, today, the number of protesters is expected to be much higher because an invitation has also been made to students of other cities and A-level students in the capital to participate. Students are determined in their response, saying that there will be no dialogue, because their demands are not negotiable. They say that they will not set up a group of delegates to engage in talks with the Prime Minister.

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