Country swept by protests

Country swept by protests
Anti-government protests taking place not only in Tirana, but in other cities too

A wave of protests has swept the country with protests being held not only in Tirana, but in tens of other cities in the country. Yesterday, protests were also held by residents of Kavaja, Shkodra, Vau i Dejes and Lezha. In the highway linking Lezha to Shkodra, farmers blocked the road and launched anti government slogans, accusing it of impoverishing them. According to them, the economic hardships that they’re going through have forced them to take to the streets in anti-government protests. Farmers in Lezha have also declared that they’re determined to continue their protest until PM Rama stands down. In Shkodra, it was mainly the price of fuel which forced people to take to the streets against the government. In Kavaja, people have protested in the so called “yellow vests”, which have become a symbol in the latest protests in France.


Residents of the Ring Road support the students‘protest

The protest of the area known as “New Ring Road” in the capital has continued today. Besides the demands that residents have articulated so far, this time they have even chanted slogans in support of the students’ protest. With banners in their hands, while demanding the fulfillment of their demands, namely 100% compensation for their homes which are being demolished as part of a new project in this area, they also expressed their support for the students’ protest. “Residents of the Ring Road have heard on the media that students have demanded them to join their protest. We will join the students. Students are our sons. All of Albania is in protest to defend people’s legitimate rights.  We have now turned the Ring Road into a civil forum for the state which is violating citizens’ rights”, their lawyer, Artan Manushaqe said. Meanwhile, present in this protest was also the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, who said that “Rama is thinking of dividing students the same way he used Emiljano Shullazi to control universities”.


With sticks and shovels in their hands: We will not allow the works to be carried out!

While students were protesting in the center of Tirana, yesterday, residents of the New Ring Road gathered near the construction site of the company which will carry out the works with sticks and shovels in their hands.

“We were polite, but nobody wanted to hear us out. Now, we will respond in other forms if construction works go ahead without first solving our problems”, the residents said for the media, adding that they will not allow the company which has won the tender to carry out works there. Let us not forget that the residents of this area have been protesting for over a month now in order not to allow the demolition of their homes as part of a new project which will be implemented there. Each day, they gather and accuse the government for theft and unlawful acts. Meanwhile, this protest has also been backed by the opposition.

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