“121 thousand Albanian children living in extreme poverty”

“121 thousand Albanian children living in extreme poverty”

At least 120 thousand children are living in conditions of extreme poverty in Albania. This figure is reported by the State Social Service and INSTAT as part of the data for the year 2017.

The year that we left behind registered 80.964 households who live on social allowance and this allowance cannot be higher than 8 thousand lek a month.

Households living on social allowance must survive on this small amount.

Data suggests that in over 80 thousand poor families, a quarter of them are made up of five members, ten thousand are made up of six members and 25 thousand others are made up of four members. Meanwhile, more than 14 thousand families are made up of three members.

What’s more, there are also another 6.500 other families which are made up of six or more members, while depending on their social allowance to make their ends meet.

In total,  365.108 Albanians account for 80.164 households who live in extreme poverty. One third of them are children

One third of them are children. In other words, 121.703 little ones are living poverty.

Referring to the official figures for 2017, population living in the country was 2.870.324 people. This means that 13% live in extreme poverty. /albanian free press/

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