Godelli: Doping? I’m afraid they may ask me for an entry visa in Tirana

Godelli: Doping? I’m afraid they may ask me for an entry visa in Tirana
Interview/Weightlifter Daniel Godelli reacts on the case of Romela Begaj and comments the problems that Albanian sport is encountering with its champions in the international arena, by justifying the sportsmen

Daniel Godelli was one of the weightlifters of our national team who was denied participation in the World Weightlifting Championship which took place in the USA. Godelli, who came out positive in the last world championship, could not obtain a US visa for the next activity. He reacts on the latest case concerning Romela Begaj. In an interview for “Albanian Free Press”, the Albanian weightlifter, the name of whom is in the golden book of Albanian sportsmen, in spite of the accusations for the use of doping, says that the responsibility not always falls on the sportsmen:

Daniel, a while ago you launched serious accusations for not being able to participate in the World Weightlifting Championship.

Yes, my accusations were well-founded. Nothing works in this country and unfortunately, the ones who are penalized are us, the people who work and try a lot to achieve great things.

Meanwhile, you are currently training on your own. Are you sure in your participation in future international races?

It’s true that I’m training on my own, with the support of my acquaintances. Nothing more. Sport is both a profession and a passion for me.

What are you preparing for? What is the next race and do you fear that you may encounter some other obstacle for your participation?

I am preparing for the European Weightlifting Championship which will be hosted in Tirana this year. By the looks of it, I might even be asked an entry visa to Tirana and won’t be allowed to participate in the race. However, I am obliged to do my part.

According to recent news published in the Albanian media, Romela Begaj has once again tested positive in the use of illicit substances.

I cannot speak beforehand, because I often check the news and information published by the International Weightlifting Federation. Up until now I have not received anything official.

If Begaj comes out positive, whose responsibility is this?

It can never be the responsibility of the sportswoman. There are a number of instances that do now function. The sportswoman is part of a federation, she represents a state, therefore the responsibility must be found somewhere else.

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