Albania to face Italy in the northern city of Shkoder

Albania to face Italy in the northern city of Shkoder
The match between two football national teams, Albania and Italy, will be played today as part of the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

“This is the first time Italy comes to Albania and I’m glad I’m part of this historical moment. We still have objectives and we must remain at the head of the group in the next play-off. I expect to see improvements compared to the second half against Macedonia”, said the Italian coach, Ventura.

Meanwhile, Italy’s captain, Gianluigi Buffon said that he has been to Albania when Parma played against Teuta in 1995.

“22 years later, I come back to see a very different Albania. This is a country which reflects positivity, a country which is developing not only in football”, Buffon said.

On this other hand, the coach of the Albanian national team, Christian Panucci has said that although he’s Italian, he’s proud of being Albania’s coach.

“I’m sure we will play a very good game. I  expect an angry Italy, because it’s facing lots of criticism”, the red and black coach said.

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