Interview with Rolf Castro-Vasquez - CEO Tirana International Airport for

Interview with Rolf Castro-Vasquez - CEO Tirana International Airport for
What is your favourite thing about travelling, working and living in Albania? Please tell us a little about it and why you love it.

There are many beautiful things here. But first, I have to say my job. My work has been in Tirana for many years now, but I still love it, just like the first day: the whole work environment, the staff are absolutely fantastic, and I’m really proud to say that I give my contribution to this every day.

How did you come to discover Albania?

I have lived in Albania for 14 years now. I joined Tirana International Airport as an company executive member of staff, but I did not think that I would be here for such a long time. I am happy; I consider Albania as part of my life and part of my development as a foreigner, for whom this country is a second home.

What is the most surprising and positive thing you’ve discovered about Albania?

I would say the people. When you come to a new country, you always think about how you are going to be treated, or what the culture is. In Albania, the people are very kind and friendly, exactly the opposite of what the average European thinks.

What kind of traveller are you: food tourist, adventure junkie, beach lover?

You can consider me an adventure guy. I really love to ride my motorbike, and ride around for days, exploring and finding new places. I cannot find the proper words to describe the adrenaline and the beautiful feeling one gets from doing those things.

What is your favourite Albanian food and why?

I would definitely say Fërgesë Tiranë. It is very special, made with vegetables, with the perfect cheese and tomatoes from Albania. You cannot find this delicious dish anywhere else.

Of all the places you’ve seen in Albania, which is the most impressive or beautiful? And why did it capture you?

Albania has many special places. But I would say that Valbona National Park fell into my heart the moment I saw it: the waterfalls, the river itself; everything is really amazing. Also, the Albanian Rivera in the south of the country: it’s fantastic; I would definitely recommend it. All the beaches there are marvellous.

Some people think Albania is an unsafe place to travel. What would you tell them to change their mind?

I would advise them not to speak before seeing it for themselves. Of my experience here in Albania, I can assure them that it’s all to the contrary. The country is safe, and also the hospitality of the people is simply amazing. I would invite anyone to come to Albania to explore its treasures: first of all the beauty of its nature, and its rich cultural heritage, and not forgetting also economically, Albania has much to offer foreign investors.