Population in the country is shrinking, by 2030 population will fall to 2.6 million

Population in the country is shrinking, by 2030 population will fall to 2.6 million
Albanian population will continue to shrink in line with the trend that has been seen in the past decades during which it has been falling from one year to another. This is also confirmed by the predictions made by experts of statistics. According to them, if the population continues to shrink like this, by 2030, Albania’s population will fall to 2.6 million. This is a rather discouraging figure judging by the fact that the population was expected to grow from one year to another.

“This forecast is based on the worst scenario which assumes a further drop in the birth rate and an increase of the number of people leaving the country”, experts of the country’s office for statistics, INSTAT explain. However, there’s also a positive scenario according to which, by 2031 the population will grow to 2.922.749. On the other hand, experts of statistics say that the number of births by 2031 will fall.

“At the same time, the number of deaths will continue to grow as a result of the aging of the population”, is another phenomenon confirmed by experts of INSTAT. Besides the fact that it will shrink, Albania’s population will also age. “By 2031 its median age will be 42,1 years”, INSTAT says, admitting that the number of elderly people in Albania will grow. But, demographic changes that Albania will see until 2031 will also have an impact on the way the population is distributed throughout the country.

“By 2031, the population in the country is expected to be higher than in 2019, namely 954 thousand”, experts of the Institute of Statistics say. Meanwhile, Gjirokastra and Kukes will continue to be the districts with the lowest population, namely 53 thousand and 60 thousand residents.

Number of men will fall, women will dominate

“In 2011, Albania was  a country with a higher number of men than women. However, this situation has changed in 2019”. This is another fact provided by experts of INSTAT, according to which, the country has now come to a point where there are more women than men.