Students in Albania continue their protest

Students in Albania continue their protest
Students in Albania have continued their protest today in front of the Prime Minister’s office, despite the fact that their numbers have gone down significantly.

Determined not to give up, students organized today their second protest for this year.

After protesting in front of Prime Minister Rama’s office, students have also marched toward the US embassy. Meanwhile, lectures have been boycotted even today.

Protests have also been held in other parts of the country, but IBNA learns that lectures have partially started in the universities of Korça and Shkodra.

Students in the capital Tirana started  a protest at the beginning of December last year following the government’s decision to introduce extra fees for exams. The anger provoked by this decision led to the drafting of a list of eight demands, most of which were financial demands which had to do with the reduction of tuition fees and better living conditions in dormitories.

Despite PM Rama’s calls for dialogue, students did not agree to meet him. However, at the end of the year, the Prime Minister decided to introduce several measures which aimed at meeting some of the students’ demands and also replace almost half of the cabinet members. /albanian free press/ibna/

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