Albanian students to resume their protest

Albanian students to resume their protest
Albanian students have decided to resume their protest on January 7th, following the winter holidays.

Students have announced on social networks that they will gather in front of their respective universities in the capital first thing on Monday morning and will then march until they all meet in front of the Prime Minister’s office. Meanwhile, students from other universities of the country have also announced demonstrations.

In December last year, students in the capital Tirana protested every day from 4 December to 21 December, asking the Prime Minister to fulfill a list of 8 demands that they had and refusing any form of dialogue with him. Their demands were mainly financial,  requesting for tuition fees to be reduced and living conditions to be improved.

Despite the Prime Minister’s calls for dialogue, students didn’t budge. In the recent days, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the so called Pact for University, announcing that he has delivered all the demands that students made.

Meanwhile, one of the ministers who was part of a major cabinet reshuffle at the end of the year was also the minister of Education, Lindita Nikolla, who was strongly criticized by students.

However, students’ councils have rejected the pact that Rama has proposed, declaring that students’ requests have not been entirely fulfilled. /albanian free press/ibna/

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