The Prime Minister calls on students to engage in dialogue

The Prime Minister calls on students to engage in dialogue
If they want a solution to their demands, students are invited to engage in dialogue with the government. Otherwise, they’re welcome to remain on the streets and continue their protest. This was the appeal that PM Edi Rama launched yesterday as part of what he considered as “dialogue for universities”. “Dialogue is a process where the sides hear each-other out. It’s within your right to refuse dialogue and you’re free to stay on the streets and continue your protest!”, Rama addressed to students, accusing them of not being open to dialogue. “Is it political or not? Or has it been orchestrated in such way that some people have worn a mask and claim that the protest is not political? If the protest belongs to those people who at the first moment decided to react because their dean issued an announcement telling them that the fee would not be paid in installments, but in full, then I’m with them!

So, where’s the problem that they don’t want any dialogue?”, Rama asked, alluding that the students’ protest is being used for political motives. The head of the government even mentioned names of politicians. “You are my allies and I’m your ally. You don’t belong to Basha or Kryemadhi. Separate yourselves from those who ask you not to engage in dialogue and ask you to wear the mask. They expect you to serve them power on a silver platter and  they don’t really care what happens to you and the issues concerning the university”, Rama said. According to the prime Minister, everyone should be clear about the fact that things cannot be achieved through ultimatums. According to him, democratic societies do not recognize ultimatums and those students who have taken to the streets, are doing this for themselves and not on behalf of politicians. “There’s been times when we’ve been killed in protests because the government didn’t want to hear us out”, Rama declared among others. What’s more, he blamed rectors and deans for the introduction of fees on exams.  “The government decision, which was made at the proposal of all deans and rectors in May, came as a surprise for students. The decision was taken and students were not told. It was not us who introduced this fee”, he said.


Rama’s solution: Fees should be reviewed

The government is ready to review tuition fees, while fees for excellent students may be paid by the state. This was one of the solutions that PM Rama proposed yesterday for the students. Meanwhile, for those who come from poor families, he proposed that tuition fees should be lifted. “How can we offer the same treatment for those who spend all day studying and those who spend all day in cafes? I’m ready to accept your demands concerning fees. Excellent students will be subsidized and the government will pay not only 50%, but 100%  of the fees. But, there must be dialogue for this”, he said, explaining that fees are not decided by universities and not the government. “The only thing that the government decides is the upper limit which should not be exceeded and the government is ready to discuss”, he argued.





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