How much does it cost for Albanians to have their dinner table full during the festive season?

How much does it cost for Albanians to have their dinner table full during the festive season?
Prices at the end of the year go up and this is truer than ever for the dinner table. But how much do Albanians pay to have their table full?

Let’s start with the symbol of this table, turkey. At this period of the year, price for raw turkey ranges from 800 to 1000 kg per kilogram. According to consumers, this is quite a high price and for a family that buys a 5 or a 6 kg turkey, the amount spent is around 5 thousand lek, equal to the amount that the government has allocated for pensioners at the end of the year. And if the family is made of two members, then the rest of the money is spent for other products, such as salads, fruits or vegetables, for which citizens are also reporting an increase in their price during this festive period. Not to mention products which are considered a little more special such as nuts and other products that can only be afforded by households on higher incomes. So, a household of four members needs to spend at least from 10 to 20 thousand lek for the New Year’s dinner table. More than a quarter of this amount is spent on the turkey and the rest on drinks, which are also expensive, due to the fact that they’re imported.  Let us not forget the fact that this is the cost just for the dinner table. The festive period goes on for another 2 or 3 days and we all know that Albanians would like to have their tables full during those days too. This translates into added costs, making this period relatively expensive with expenses of up to 20 thousand lek per household.

Traditional cake has almost turned into a luxury product for our households

Baklava is known by everyone like the traditional New Year’s cake and each family has it on its table on the dinner table. However, this tradition may soon be lost due to the price increase that this product is seeing each year. So, during this end of the year period, there’s been a new increase of its price per kilogram, which on average ranges from 800 to 1000 lek. So, an average family may spent from 1 to 5 thousand lek for a baklava.


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