A-level exams 2019, applications start as of December 20

A-level exams 2019, applications start as of December 20
EXCLUSIVE/The new regulation concerning A-level state exams for next year is approved. A1 form is issued for the first time starting from 20 December 2018. Rules and deadlines that all A-level exam students who want to go study in the country’s universities should follow. This year there will only be one optional exams and three mandatory ones. Full details

Minister of Education, Lindita Nikolla has approved the new regulation concerning the A-level state exams, a document which sets out the deadlines and procedures that need to be followed for the approval, publication of application forms, the administration of exams and the holding of A-level state exams. In contrast to other years when students used to sit 5 exams, this year they will sit 4 exams, three of which are mandatory, while one is optional.

Based on the regulation which has recently been approved and the Coaching programs published a month ago, this year A-level students will have more time to prepare for the exams.

A1 application form

A1 and A1Z application forms will be approved by 20 December 2018, while their publication will take place on 24 December. All applications need to be made by February along with the necessary adjustments in the system.

Old A-level students

Candidates who have completed high school before 2014 and who have not been equipped with a diploma, will not sit the foreign language exam as a mandatory exam.

The exam rules

The candidate presents himself at the exam center 90 minutes before the start of the exam. If the candidate notices a violation of the exam’s rules, he’s entitled to inform the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science. The candidate is entitled to ask a copy of his exam sheet once all the exams are completed.


The candidate is expelled from the exam when he changes his designated seat, when he obtains or gives out information, copies or communicates with other candidates. He’s also expelled when he comments the content or the solution of the test, when he’s in possession of a mobile phone, radio or any other devices of communication inside the exam center. The candidate is also expelled when he refuses to be checked by the administrators before entering the exam center. The exam’s grading scheme is published no later than three hours after the completion of the state A-level exam.






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