What are the best schools in Tirana

What are the best schools in Tirana
Although the current academic year will still need a few months until it’s completed, many parents face a dilemma as to where they should enroll their children next year, in public or private schools. For the second year in a row, Tirana’s Educational Office has published the Performance Chart, which shows the best schools in the capital. This evaluation is based on several criteria which relate to the results achieved in the state final exams, attendance, etc. Based on the score achieved in the previous academic year, “Sami Frasheri” was announced as the best high school in the capital. This school is followed by “Qemal Stafa”. Meanwhile, on the third and fourth place, with equal points, there’s “Ismail Qemali” and “Petro Nini Luarasi” school. Among the schools with the poorest score are “Konstandin Kristoforidhi”, which is listed last and “Sander Prosi” school. Both of these schools have achieved a very poor score in terms of the criteria used to compare different schools to each other.

 Primary schools

The evaluation of primary schools has been made based on criteria such as: percentage of passing pupils in the final exams, average grade of the school in national final exams, average points scored in the testing of fifth graders, the realization of the annual objectives, the percentage of absences, the number of pupils who have abandoned school and the number of winners that each school has had in regional competitions. The list is headed by “Emin Duraku” school, followed by “Mihal Grameno” and “Misto Mame”. The lowest points were scored by “Ibrahim Brahja” school and “Kolë Jakova”. As far as attendance is concerned, “Bajram Curri” has a record percentage of absences, namely 12%. As far as the results from the testing that fifth graders underwent are concerned, pupils attending “Ibrahim Brahja” school are among the weakest ones.

Evaluation of private schools

The list of the best private high schools in the capital is headed by “M. Akif” school and “Ernest Koliqi” school. “Guiness” school has scored the poorest results, while as far as the ranking of private primary schools is concerned, the highest points were scored by “Rreze Driter” school, while the lowest points were scored by “Qatar College”.

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